The final installment in the complete Beethoven cycle was released today! Click on “News” for more details.

Foyle-Štšura Duo is delighted to let you know that the last installment of our Beethoven project was released today, on Friday 11 November 2022 by Challenge Records International. This CD marks the end of an extraordinary journey that started in July 2020 in the middle of a worldwide lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We were then immersed in the unique aesthetic world of the ten sonatas, recording them in the home of Beethoven’s grandfather Lodewijk amid the historic buildings of Mechelen in Belgium. The final CD features the last two sonatas from the cycle, which push the boundaries of the genre much further than their predecessors and immortalise Beethoven’s two outstanding contemporaries, violinists George Bridgetower and Pierre Rode. 

You can listen to the album on all major digital platforms by clicking on this link.

You can order the physical CD from the Challenge website here.

We are grateful to everyone who has made this project possible.